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Are you interested in a custom or themed smoothie or espresso drink cart? Call 303-507-0378 for a quote.

This is currently the only cart we have that we are refurbishing, or used. Below are pictures and details of the item.

used cart


used cart 2

used cart 3

For 3,500 the carts as is, used .

Or for 5,300 I will…

-          Sand down the granite top and reseal it.
-          Replace the two compartment sink with a pull out three compartment sink with drain boards.
-          In the door next to it I would put in a pull out hand sink.
-          Refurbish the wood facing.
-          The last person was using a deep rock bottle for their fresh water container, I would find a fresh water container that would fit in the cabinet under the hand sink.
-          Will clean and test it to make sure everything works right.

The specs are..
34” x 74” for the granite top
The cart is 32”x72”
44” High
Box for the freezer is 27 ? x 31”, The freezer sits on the cart so no casters on the freezer are necessary.

You will need a freezer.  You can get them cheaper online than we can get them wholesale.  You will need a front breathing machine

The unit sits fairly high.  I would recommend a 7” x 36” step platform to make it easier to serve. We could build you a platform for $100.00 if you would want.

For $600-800 we will deliver the unit to you in person within the continental united states.

We require 50% up front and 50% at the time of delivery.  If you wanted it refurbished we would need about  roughly two weeks from the time I receive the deposit. 


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